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WSR · Chambers · CNTRT007

£12.99 / On Sale

Written and recorded over the course of three years, between Manchester, Florence and Berlin.
Conceived within intimate spaces, baring the flaws and imperfections of physically performed material, by exasperating its resonance within enclosed environments.
Sound becomes tangible by means of roughly self-built string instruments, in an attempt to transcend the expectations linked to the instrument’s musical behaviour.

Cello, double bass - Thomas Griffiths
Self-built string instruments, cello, guitar, field recordings by - Emanuele Porcinai

Mastered & Cut by Lewis Hopkin at Stardelta Mastering.
All eight tracks delivered on one 180gram double sided 12” Vinyl.
Record sleeve includes detachable cover artwork.
Digital bonus tracks recorded live at Contort #15 · Berlin - 6th December 2015

A1 - All Your Lies / A2 - Carved Out
A3 - The Drowners / A4 - Ceremony
B5 - Astray / B6 - These Buildings Will Outlive Us
B7 - Exclave (Unlearned) / B8 - Descent