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Kerridge · Always Offended Never Ashamed · CNTRT001

£14.99 / Sold Out

CNTRT001 marks the beginning of Samuel & Hayley Kerridge’s record label. Much like their renowned Berlin event series of the same name, the label will provide a platform for new & old talent, supporting
artists to stand alone and to be individual.

The first release comes from Kerridge, already establishing himself with critically acclaimed releases on legendary labels Downwards, Blueprint, and Horizontal Ground.
‘Always Offended Never Ashamed’ is Samuel’s most personal recording to date.
Spanning over 7 tracks, his own vocals are prevalent throughout the entire LP. Thrashes of guitar adjoin steely percussion, showing restraint and elegance in the process. Electric pulses wreak havoc on the
senses, with earth shuddering bass & kicks providing the raw physicality which has become synonymous with his work.

A1. GOFD / A2. MPH
B1. DAYT / B2. TRN5

Mastered & Cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering.
Delivered on 2x12" 180Gram Vinyl & Digital formats.
Artwork by John Osborn.

Scheduled Release Date: 13th February 2015