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Karl O'Connor · Post Crucifixion · CNTRT002

£6.99 / Sold Out

To launch the new Contort mail order store, a very limited amount of special edition Karl O'Connor - Post Crucifixion cassettes will be made available at 13:00CET on 16th December 2015.

Around 7pm on sunday 12th November in a dark corner of Berlin, Karl O’Connor (aka Regis) announced himself at Contort #4. Ever the protagonist, he had set out with one aim in mind, and what followed
surprised everyone, working his way through an enviable selection of Jungle and Drum & Bass.

CNTRT002 is that very recording, in full, delivered through the warmth of a cassette. Housed in custom made bespoke packaging and artwork, this release marks the beginning of a series of collectable live recordings taken directly from Contort events.

Delivered on Cassette with hand numbered insert.
Artwork by John Osborn.

Scheduled Release Date: 2nd April 2015